Victoria University MBA Funeral Workshop

Broadbent & May was recently invited to work with MBA students from Victoria University by the Programme Director, Natalie Stevens.

Selected small to medium size enterprises challenge students to analyse their business and present recommendations and solutions.

We provided the students with a comprehensive reading list of current reviews and reports on the funeral industry in New Zealand and a number of students took the opportunity to visit our offices in Haining Street. Many admitted they were intrigued to learn more about a usually closed industry.

The main event was an evening workshop. The session started with a word association exercise and students responded with: “last thing you want to deal with, serious, black, rigid, fear, detachment, lack of information and complex”

After a frank Q & A session students broke into separate groups to analyse the business applying techniques and models learnt on their course. At the end of the session the students regrouped and presented their findings.

This was a stimulating opportunity for Broadbent & May. Fascinating to hear the first impressions of naturally averse customers become animated about the subject of funerals and contemplate their options.

Finally, the students were given ‘homework’ encouraged to complete a form outlining their funeral wishes and to discuss options with family and partners. They were advised to complete it, lodge it with their legal advisor and then forget it.

Preparing for the students prompted us to reflect on our motivation for establishing Broadbent & May and review our strategy. It has been very beneficial process.



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