Payment Terms

Full & Final Account

Our invoice will be sent to you, by post and email the week after the funeral together with the Death Certificate.

Payment is due 14 days from the date of the funeral. By this time, we will have paid all the costs incurred on your behalf to the; celebrant or clergy, AV Tech-sperts, florist, venue, caterer, printer, coffin maker, newspapers, cemetery or crematorium.

We believe in paying our suppliers and providers promptly, ensuring that we receive the best possible service for our clients.

Likewise for Broadbent & May, should your account become unfortunately overdue, please do not be offended if you receive regular statements until the account is settled in full.

The responsibility for settling the account is with the person who has contracted our services. It cannot legally be the responsibility of the deceased’s Estate.


In most cases you will have been emailed an itemised estimate of the funeral costs, in line with the choices you have made. We will not encourage you to spend unnecessarily and give you honest advice on how to reduce costs.

If additional services are requested, they will be charged accordingly.

Funeral Authority Agreement

At the arrangement meeting you will be asked to sign the Funeral Authority Agreement, this is our contract, where you authorise us to take care of the funeral arrangements and pay the disbursements on your behalf.

As the signatory, you agree that you will take responsibility for settling the account in full and on time.

Payment Methods

You can pay by direct banking (details are on the invoice),  or cash.  Once paid, we will email or send you a receipt.

WINZ or ACC Grants

We can collate & send the paperwork to Work & Income or ACC for you. However, an application to Work & Income or ACC can take months to process and is not always successful due to income & asset testing.

Our expectation is that our invoice is paid in full in the interim. If the WINZ Funeral Grant or ACC application is successful – we will reimburse that same day into your bank account.

Financial Concerns

Please let us know if you foresee any financial difficulties in paying the account, so we can suggest ways to help.

Overdue Accounts

If the account becomes overdue, interest will be charged at a rate clearly explained in the Funeral Authority Agreement.