We usually collect the ashes (cremated remains) from the crematorium on your behalf. From Karori, ashes are contained in a plastic resealable container within a hexagonal recycled rimu box.

From Whenua Tapu, the ashes are in a sturdy paper bag within a simple pine box with a sliding lid.

If you wish to keep the ashes at home, Broadbent & May can transfer them into any shaped vessel which can adequately contain a volume of approximately 4 litres.

The vessel can be anything; ceramic, wood or metal, with a sealed lid.

We can split the ashes for you into separate containers if desired. If you wish to scatter the ashes they can remain in the original container.

If the ashes are to be interred at a cemetery, they can remain in the wooden urn or be transferred into a container with suitable dimensions for the designated plot.

Scattering ashes in Wellington

Wellington City Council has guidelines about scattering ashes in public places, the only approved area is Willowbank Park in Tawa.

Wellington City Council – Scattering Ashes – for more information.

The WCC has a Memorial & Commemorative Tree Scheme to honour someone special.

Travelling overseas

To travel overseas with the ashes, a Certificate of Cremation is required from the funeral company or crematorium, certifying the contents. The ashes need to be in a securely sealed, air tight container. For safety, we recommend that they travel with you as hand luggage.