Simple Cremation



Affordable, Budget, Value, Private, Direct, Basic – whatever you call it, arranging a cremation without any funeral service, can sometimes be the most sensible choice.




Reasons for choosing a Simple Cremation:

  • needing to keep costs to a minimum
  • the deceased’s expressed wish was for no fuss and no frills
  • timing and logistics – difficulty in getting everyone together at short notice
  • preferring to combine a memorial event with another family occasion
  • an extended family trip overseas
  • the person has died unexpectedly while in Wellington

While ‘Simple Cremation’ is the most economical of all the services we offer – the care of your person is not compromised in anyway.

After we transfer your person from the place of death (usually hospital, resthome, hospice or their home), we dress them in their own clothes (or we can provide a cotton robe) and they are kept safe and sound in CoolCare.

We manage all the bookings and required documentation.

On the day of cremation, we provide a pine-ply coffin (locally designed and made), with a recycled-fibre padded base, eco corn-starch waterproof lining, cotton trim and a pillow.

A name plate is placed on their coffin with freshly picked flowers and we accompany them to the crematorium.

We then register the death with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The ashes are returned in a recycled rimu, hexagonal shaped urn and are generally ready the next day. We then make arrangements to bring the ashes home to you when convenient.

We keep you informed of timings and progress and will email or text you a photo of the nameplate and flowers.

Our cost for a ‘Simple Cremation’ is $4080.00

This includes:

  • Transfer from place of death, 7 days a week
  • Dressing in their own clothes
  • CoolCare until day of cremation (unless person has died at WRH then $250.00 is deducted).
  • Administration, registration of death, booking and crematorium fees
  • Pine-ply coffin, (locally designed and made), trimmed with recycled-fibre padding, eco corn-starch waterproof lining, cotton trim & pillow (or provide your own DIY coffin)*
  • Nameplate & fresh flowers
  • NZ made, solid wood hexagonal urn
  • Ashes brought home to you

If the person has died at home or rest home there is occasionally a fee from their Doctor for the ‘Certificate of Medical Practitioner’. This can range from $75.00 to $220.00 depending on the Medical Centre.

If the person has died at Wellington Regional Hospital, Mary Potter or Te Omanga Hospices – there is no fee for issuing this certificate.


The person who has died, may eligible for a WINZ or ACC Funeral Grant.


A ‘Simple Cremation’ provides an opportunity to be more creative and flexible with timing and plans. There is no right or wrong way to have a funeral – it’s about what best suits your family’s circumstances.

Here are some real stories – names have been changed.

As she had wished, Vera died at home. The family had been taking care of her with the help of hospice – so having a home funeral, a couple of days later, seemed like the natural choice.

We gave appropriate, step by step advice on body care and provided two sets of ready-to-go frozen icepacks for rotation.

We delivered a disassembled pine-ply coffin for the family to (easily) click together themselves, add handles and involve all the family in the painting and decoration.

They then placed Vera in her bespoke coffin and had an informal gathering at her home for friends, neighbours and whanau.

On the day of cremation, we accompanied Vera to the crematorium, followed by the family. They took the opportunity to Witness the cremation and be there for the final farewell.

Tony was flown by helicopter to Wellington for emergency treatment but later died in Wellington Hospital.

As the family had no connection with Wellington and they were conscious of costs – the decision was made for him to have a ‘Simple Cremation’ and the ashes to be couriered to their home in Nelson.

We kept the family fully informed at every step and sent them a photo of his nameplate and flowers on the day.

George, a much loved father, had died at a resthome in Wellington. At 90+ years, living friends were few and close family lived further North. He had also left strict instructions for a ‘no fuss’ arrangement.

We transferred George, smartly dressed by resthome staff and family, into CoolCare until bookings for the cremation were made.

On the day, a small family contingent came to the crematorium to say their goodbyes to the sound his favourite music track, fulfilling his final wish.

The next day we delivered the ashes to the family to be present for a private gathering of close friends and family at his old home, thoughtfully catered with his favourite national delicacies.

If you want to provide your own coffin (ensuring it meets crematorium requirements) – let us know. The coffin cost of $820.00 will be deducted from the final account.

Contact us with any queries you might have about ‘Simple Cremation’ and how it might be the best option for your family.