The cost of a funeral varies depending on the choices made by the family.

The Consumer Magazine published an updated report on Funerals in August of 2017. They stated that the average cost of a funeral in New Zealand is $10,000. FairGo suggested an average of $9,000 in 2012. The Citizens Advice Bureau currently suggests between $8,000 to $10,000.

Broadbent & May recognise that for some, funeral costs are a major concern. We offer honest advice & support on how to effectively reduce costs. This can be achieved by either simplifying the service or organising & making arrangements yourself – but bear in mind you may have other demands on your time & energies.

Choosing cremation over burial can reduce the outlay. Burials include plot purchase, interment and maintenance fees, headstones or plaques. A Natural Burial does not incur memorial or headstone costs. Ashes do not need to be interred & can simply be scattered or kept at home.

We can arrange a simple cremation from $3550.00. Including; processing of required documentation and all administration costs, transfer of deceased, CoolCare, a natural pine coffin, crematorium fees and registration of death.

Contact us for suggestions on how to keep the funeral simply affordable.

If possible, we encourage you to ‘ring around’ and compare like for like prices. In Wellington there can be variances of up to $3,000 for the same services.

Broadbent & May will keep you informed of the costs and provide you with an itemised written estimate.

We can assist you with applying to Work and Income New Zealand for a Funeral Assistance Grant of up to $2559.20 (as at 1 April 2024) if you are eligible.

ACC offers financial assistance to families if someone has died as a result of an accidental injury or homicide.