Makara & Karori Burial Options

Karori Cemetery

Karori Cemetery was opened in 1891 on nearly 40 hectares of land with over 83,000 people buried there. Reaching near capacity in the mid 1950’s, Makara Cemetery was established in 1965.

Karori Cemetery is now almost full for body burials except for some established unfilled family plots.

For ash burials, Seaforth Memorial Garden has been recently developed as the Memorial Rose Garden is now also full.

Seaforth Memorial Garden – Karori Cemetery

Makara Cemetery

Makara Cemetery is divided into sections; Children’s, Adult Plaque Lawn, Ash Burials, Urupa, Denominational (accommodating Wellington’s diverse cultural and religious communities), Soldiers, General Public and Natural Burials. Here is a map.

Your Burial Options

If your decision is to have a full body or ash burial we recommend that you do a recce of Makara Cemetery to decide what is best for you and your family. An informed choice is helpful for those taking care of your final wishes. Here is an Easy Peasy Funeral Plan to get you started.

Plot costs vary depending on which section you choose. You will then need to consider the extra costs of a headstone (for the General Public and Denominational sections) or a plaque (for the Lawn Plaque section). There is no additional cost for a biodegradable grave marker and tree for the Natural Burial section as this is included in the Natural Burial registration fee.

There are strict guidelines about any additional ornamentation or vegetation of the gravesites other than approved headstones or plaques. This is to ensure ease of access and maintenance and safety of cemetery staff (using heavy machinery) and visitors.

To help you visualise – we have taken some photos of the various sections. Call or email us with any queries you may have.

Headstone Plots – Makara Cemetery

Adult Plaque Lawn – Makara Cemetery

Urupa – Makara Cemetery

Children’s Cemetery – Makara Cemetery

Children’s Plaque Lawn – Makara Cemetery

Early Adopter Natural Burials – Makara Cemetery

Natural Burial New Plots – Makara Cemetery