Our Commitment

To you and your family

During the arrangement of the funeral there will be many choices to make. Broadbent & May will guide you through this process and enable you to make informed decisions. We provide a comfortable and secure environment where care and consideration are paid to every detail of the funeral arrangements.

We will ensure that the funeral satisfies the wishes of the person who has died, reflecting their values and acknowledging their relationships with family, friends and colleagues, celebrating their life and loves – whether that be an event involving their wider community or an intimate gathering of close family and loved ones.

To your community

We will encourage families to be actively engaged in the arrangements: by caring for the person who has died, participating in their dressing and having them at home where possible, reclaiming an important rite of passage.

We will encourage involving their local community, if appropriate, so they can play an active role by offering their skills and support, practical or spiritual.

But if you need to focus your energies elsewhere, Broadbent & May will capably manage the entire event.

To your environment

We will ensure that you are making informed environmental choices and enable you to ‘green’ some or all aspects of the funeral service, burial or cremation.

We believe that no two funerals should be the same and you should feel comfortable and confident with the choices that you make – a funeral you can live with.