Witness Cremation

A number of our families and friends have taken the opportunity to view (or witness) the cremation at Karori crematorium.


For families who want to be involved in all aspects of the funeral arrangements, witnessing the cremation is the equivalent of participating in the burial; the final act of taking full care of the deceased.

What will you see?

The Karori crematorium technician expertly guides the coffin onto a hydraulic lift, adjusting the height to the correct level. The door of the cremator opens and you will see and hear the generated heat. The coffin is charged into the cremator by the technician and the door is immediately lowered.

Broadbent & May offers this service to all our families for their consideration.

  • Option for a group of up to 12 people to witness
  • There is an additional charge from the Karori crematorium
  • A witness cremation needs to booked in advance