Who are Broadbent & May?

Granny Mary Broadbent

Granny May

Broadbent & May

I am often asked the origin of the company name. The names belong to family members, ‘Broadbent’ – my maternal grandmother’s middle name and ‘May’ – my paternal grandmother’s first name.

Both remarkable women, whom I met when I first visited the UK aged 7. Both were living in Kent and active members of their communities.

My memories of Granny Mary (Broadbent) was as a phenomenal knitter, adept at needlework and sewing.  She was an avid bridge player, playing well into her 90’s.

Granny May lived in an historical house with quirky floor levels. She was a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, despite being aged herself and would supplement recipients meals with bars of Toblerone chocolate.

While unfortunately not spending much time with my grandmothers, as we lived on opposite sides of the globe – I remember them as generous women, who would write and send exciting news and parcels from afar.