Photos of a funeral

Photos of a funeral

Photos of a funeral

It’s convention to photograph significant events and gatherings; birthdays, weddings and reunions but we often neglect the opportunity to photograph a funeral.

Broadbent & May encourages families to record the day’s events either by engaging a professional photographer or asking capable family members or friends to be behind the camera.

With understandably heightened emotions, the funeral service can be a complete blur for those close to the deceased. Taken with discretion and mindful of the occasion, images of flowers, the venue and coffin or the attendees and pall bearers, create a pictorial diary for later reflection.

Photographs can be easily shared with those unable to attend the funeral. An album, hard copy or digital, can be compiled for children or siblings, who are possibly too young to recollect the events. The photos prompt questions and conversations, helping to accept and process the loss.

Here is a link to funeral photos shared on-line of Brian Wallis’s funeral and after-match gathering. Thank you Lesley for allowing us to share this. Brian’s funeral photos.

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