Broadbent & May – our first year.

Since establishing Broadbent & May in 2011 we have received generous and positive feedback from our families, appreciative of our attention to personal details, enabling them to feel relaxed and an integral part of their arrangements.

We work collaboratively with Wellington families, advising them throughout of their options as each family has their own interpretation and expectation of the funeral.

Our approach is to consider the welfare of both the family and the person who has died. We encourage our families to slow down and not feel pressured to rush the transfer immediately after the death. We believe this valuable time spent together has long term benefits for acceptance of loss and the grieving process.

A sense of connection is important when choosing a venue. Families held intimate gatherings in the Karori Small chapel; amongst the familiar of their own home or at their place of worship. Some chose a graveside service at Makara Natural Burial cemetery, a rural setting with vocal bird life, where friends and colleagues helped to backfill the grave.

A few families chose to witness the cremation – united, they viewed the coffin being charged into the cremator in the expert care of Karori Crematorium. As with the final act of a coffin being lowered into the grave, a witnessed cremation allows a sense of reassurance and closure.

The coffin becomes the focal point: it should look and feel right. Our natural coffins were either lovingly decorated by hand or simply with flowers cut from home gardens. To one coffin, we added two extra handles so the eight adored granddaughters could carry their grandfather into the chapel.

One family proudly carried their mother in her coffin, covered with hand drawn butterflies, nearly one kilometre from her home to the church – singing all the way. This family also appreciated our suggestion to take photographs of the funeral; producing a pictorial diary of the day’s events.

Broadbent & May recognises that we are part of the continuous care offered to bereaved Wellington families; from hospitals, hospices and rest homes, to the long term care of the cemetery or crematoria. We actively develop and foster our relationships with these dedicated service providers.

We appreciate the support and encouragement from our innovative suppliers, equally committed to offering sustainable alternatives and making a positive difference.

We believe we are achieving our vision in establishing Broadbent & May, understanding that every element of the funeral can be relevant and need not cost the earth, financially or environmentally.

Let’s have that conversation. Let’s talk options, costs or make some plans.  Obligation and fuss free. Call us on 04 974 5076.


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